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The Power of Creative Arts in Online Instruction

In a time of immense uncertainty, worry, and fear, we can all lean into the long lasting power of the Creative Arts as many of us transition from face-to-face to online learning. The power of learning through the arts is associated with a deeper understanding of concepts through multi-layered dimensional learning. Visual Art, Music, Dance, and Drama have preserved our histories, cultures, and stories throughout the ages. In addition to preservation of our ancestral roots, the Arts have allowed us to connect to a deeper sense of understanding regarding community and self. Have you all seen the recent viral video of hundreds of Italians singing from their apartment windows in various melodies creating a sense of calmness through music during social isolation? The power of the Arts for much of history has allowed communities to come together and create a cohesion that can be felt in a deeper level. When we create with our mind, body, and heart we are able to learn with multiple senses f